Life’s Direction – Waking You Up [Part 2 – Brick]

This is Part 2 of a 3 Part Series on Waking Up Your Life’s Purpose. This is on Life Direction
Click HERE for Part 1: The Feather

How did you go yesterday? Did you notice any Feathers gently persuading you to make some kind of shift in your life, thoughts, habits or beliefs? Your Life Direction?

Sometimes that first awakening stage is enough to get us back on track to living our higher purpose, but often these gentle touches are too easy to ignore.

It’s difficult for a Feather to impact our life direction when that direction is so rigid, stiff and we’ve been following it for such long periods (years or decades).

And mostly we’re just ignorant to the message. We don’t get that this is a wakeup call — it’s still too comfortable.

That’s when Life steps in and throws the next stage of experience at us…

My story

It starts throwing Bricks.

As you can imagine, Brick experiences hurt a lot more than Feathers :)

These are not-so-gentle reminders to get our shit together. Figure out what our life direction will be.

Where Feathers were soft, subliminal, almost esoteric messages, Bricks kick it up a notch in the communication stakes — you will feel a Brick!

Ever experienced the threat of being fired from your job? or downsized? Or had a relationship break down (for the same reason as your last one), or lost substantial sums of money gambling, or gotten into bad debt through lack of education…

These are Brick-type experiences. They are hefty, and they knock us around considerably. The reason we have Brick experiences is that there’s something we need to learn, a message we need to hear, changes we need to make to put ourselves on track for greater expansion…

But, we’re not letting it in. We’re still deaf to the message, through ignorance, shame, fear, laziness etc. We just haven’t yet put the pieces of the puzzle together.

We will continue to experience the same (negative) experiences in life until we learn to do something different, to change something in a way that moves us to a higher level of understanding (your higher purpose).

Hopefully, a few Bricks is all it takes for you to understand the message – to create an understanding of how the things you’re doing (or the person you’re being) are shaping your world.

And if Bricks aren’t enough…..? Maybe you don’t want to know…

But we’ll cover that tomorrow, so stay tuned :)

Can you think of any Feathers that have become Bricks in your Life?

To Your Success!


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