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Life’s Purpose – Waking You Up [Part 1 – Feather]

Do you believe that life brings you lessons? Can teach you or provide life’s purpose?
I do. And I believe they come to us to help us live on Purpose – by guiding us away from the things that keep us small, and towards that which helps us level up to a higher perspective.
Life really wants you to do what you were meant to do — that burning desire you have inside of you. To help you ind your life’s purpose
Life wants so badly for you to follow your passions, that it brings challenges into your experience when you’re heading the wrong way — well “wrong” in that it’s taking you away from your true desires.

These challenges come in different forms for your life’s purpose.

The first is ‘Feather’… a light push in the right direction, or away from a detrimental one.
This could be a missed bus, a headache that keeps you home, randomly finding an article online that changes your perception – a small, seemingly random event that gently leads you to a realisation about yourself, and inspires you to take positive action in a new direction.
A new thought, idea, concept, mindset or state. Your Life’s Purpose.

life's purpose

You likely get lots of feathers, all the time. Subtly guiding your life’s path towards your goals, dreams and ultimate life.
But what happens when you ignore the light touch of the feather? What happens when a gentle persuasion is no longer working, and you remain off-track, heading the wrong way…
We’ll get into that tomorrow :)
For now, think about all the feathers you might have been sensing lately – what are they telling you? Where are they leading you? What do they want you to know?
To Your Success!


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