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Life’s Purpose – Waking You Up [Part 3 – Truck]

What happens when you continually ignore the signs that your life is veering dangerously off track (away from your goals)?

When you ignore the chance coincidences and subtle signals that come as Feather experiences, the Universe starts throwing Bricks…

Those heavier, more disruptive, thought-provoking experiences — in the hope that you’ll click and make the required changes to get your life on track.

But what if Bricks ain’t enough?

Yup, that’s when you find yourself getting run over by Trucks!

Not literally of course, unless that’s what it takes :)

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But you might find yourself in incurable debt, a failed marriage, fired from your job, your body might give way to dis-ease and discomfort…

There are many ways Truck experiences can show up for you, but what they have in common is that they’re a last ditch attempt to Wake You Up to your Life’s higher purpose.

You will know when you’ve been hit by a truck. Where a feather is light, gentle and subtle, a Truck will knock you the f*ck down and leave you bleeding.

You might have experienced a few of these in your life, and they are not pleasant.

They’re not meant to be! They’re meant to be a wakeup call — screaming at you to change your behaviours, thoughts, habits and beliefs because the ones you have been following are not getting you where you want to go.

You don’t want Truck experiences, but sometimes there’s no other option.

Either you’re too stubborn, set in your ways, or inflexible in your beliefs to make the necessary changes that will expand your awareness, heighten your consciousness and bring bigger, better experiences into your life.

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And that’s what this is all about!

Life (God, the Universe, Source… whatever you call it), wants you to be AMAZING, and have Gorgeous, Incredible, Magnificent experiences of all that Life has to offer.

When you’re playing small, Life steps in and says, “Hey, there’s way cooler stuff over here — let me show you!”.

And when you ignore it, Life will keep smacking you around (with negative experiences, discomfort, emotions etc) until you realise there’s a different path than the one you’re on.

But it’s all for your higher good :)

It’s all about You living a grander vision of your life. Being the best You you can be. Having, doing, being the Ultimate version of Your highest impression of yourself.

So become aware of the signals, listen to the messages. Those things that keep showing up for you, are lessons waiting to be learned – they are your access to a better life.

Listen. Learn. Live.

Don’t wait for the Trucks to arrive

To Your Success!


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